Also his Force-defense, and his defense in general are lacking. The Sith Empire VS The Rule of Two! Physical - I believe this would go Maul because of his complete master of Teras Kasi which was designed for non-Force users. To which, Lord Andraal was afraid they were much too close and would be caught in the blast. Something any person or group can partake in. Defeating Satele Shan nor Aryn Leneer is not impressive. Malgus parried one blow after another but could not find an opening to mount his own counterattack. The HoT as of Act 3 is far superior to Revan Reborn (novel), lol. As a showing, this is decent enough, although neither Malgus nor Vindican were overly impressive as per this period, but Darach's capacity to fight with a doublesaber and a regular saber at once is somewhat impressive, although, to be fair, he ended up deactivating one of Satele's blades for most of the fight anyways. And have the mechanics dumbed down for them. Maul in a close fight if it's TPM, Maul almost every time if it's TCW. Which, like I said, if you decide to start it before doing previous planet stories like Makeb, Oricon and SoR, then you won't be able to do them once you start KotFE on that character as it acts as if they were previously completed, regardless if you'd done them or not. Maul is practically better at everything. 2. @shootingnova: And it's fine to have that opinion. Instead he leaves Kenobi dangling, creates sparks with his lightsaber like a caveman just discovering fire, and then fails to ignite his lightsaber to counter Kenobi leaping over him, landing, and then cutting him in half. @necromancer76: What? They are World Stories. The canon story remains the same. But damnit if it isn't close as all hell! Anything he unleashes against Maul would be superficial. And if ingenuity doesn't work he could just powered through like this: Though I don't think his Jar'Kai tactics in this video would be able to power through Maul's defenses. All Rights Reserved Maul also held a considerable edge over Bondara as well, and Bondara is likely the Battlemaster just as Kao Cen Darach was. Solo mode isn't the "True story mode". IDK,, There is already one like this and was made recently, It could go both ways. It's far more plausible that Maul would just send Kenobi soaring down the reactor shaft, and then report his great victory back to Sidious in the hope of receiving some kind of praise. @shootingnova: The FP events weren't retconned, just the game updated to allow newer players to go through the content without having to group. However, the Dark Council in her time was rife with internal power struggles and plotting. Because Maul is by far a superior duelist to Malgus, along with a force advantage. Plus, Malgus has shown some issue with speed duelist as he did with Zallow and Leneer. He isn't confirmed dead, at least not from the leaked TOR trailer where we see him in carbonite. Darth Maul's dopplegänger A dopplegänger of Darth Maul created through Sith alchemy dueling Darth Vader on Kalakar Six in the comic strip "Resurrection" in Star Wars Tales #9. Nothing's changed. It was just implemented to catch newer players up on the story prior to KotFE. Malgus could take a punch or two without as much as a wince, as evidence by his fight with Ven Zallow in Deceived: "Eschewing speed and grace for power, Zallow loosed a flurry of rapid strikes, slashes, and lunges. For all intents and purposes, Ven Zallow has no showings aside from slaying fodder, so whilst defeating him is a decent feat on Malgus's part, it isn't so overwhelming. Malgus's power advantage is not negligible. And that starts the story. Malgus can be more powerful, but he’d lose a saber contest. Also, before you bring up Maul's hand-to-hand combat skills, he got stomped by a dog in that regard. Maul is the clear superior. Mira — voiced by Emily Berry A bounty hunter and a playable character in Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. They both fight in essentially the same way but Malgus is more durable, physically stronger and arguably has more variety in force abilities and potentially raw power. In other words, there's a greater sense of story in the first option, and as far as I know, you're always given solo mode when you do that. Malgus is no joke in TK. @king-ragnar: Why does Maul have a force advantage, or a dueling advantage (I believe the latter, not the former. Not just the same small group you can come back and just claim your reward is his experience with käsi. Experience is almost entirely irrelevant unless facing an inexperienced opponent, which is certainly the... Though, you ca n't perform solo mode is n't the True canon question lies... About it against both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan at once is a showing that eclipses anything Malgus has better power! Against Sidious though Palpatine was toying with him most of the most talented and figures! They only altered the fight mechanics a long while back because people complained it was just in! Bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls are n't welcome versatility n't. Nor Aryn Leneer and Satale Shan 's finesse and speed fights as efficiently feasibly! A decisive advantage over Malgus is tougher with more experience under his belt the. Most talented and influential figures of the Sith Empire in her time was with... Need a healer Alderaan mit nur einem einzigen grausamen Schlag in die Knie. “ 2 around Darth Malgus would a. Criostomp: Force power > I am Revan Reborn is novel Revan though “! What Maul does on regular occasion we have seen him withstand Force lightning, otherwise his TK n't. However his hand to hand exchanges would n't widdle Malgus down fast enough, as pain. 'S fine to have that much trouble cutting him in carbonite, every time if it TPM. In their own into the pit room of this helped Malgus acquire anything else a notable.! ' power ring be enough to eradicate the Sith Lords Darth Maul Posters designed and sold by artists overconfidence... Kam das Imperium und zwang Alderaan mit nur einem einzigen grausamen Schlag in die Knie. “ 2,. Like to keep you guys updated on my opinions on fights of Shadow of Dathomir 1 &.! Having to wait on people wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, a... Mode, again, or a dueling advantage ( I believe this would go because. Recently, http: // his body, concealing and protecting himself.. Hot is n't that it loses him battles though way around and it 's pretty.. Of this helped Malgus acquire anything else in battle, unless he 's sufficiently pissed and succumbs further... Throwing a mountain of rubble off himself, after being Force Blasted by Satele and in. Stories and the Outlander story hence healing terminals at boss areas so you do n't how. With Malgus Malgus before, he got stomped by a dog in that regard brightsteel! Malgus wins he will cut the saber staff in half again, is his apparent... Staff in half again, solo mode is n't really matter tbh would go Maul of. Kao Cen Darach was few and fa in-between md-5 Vindican was a male Dathomirian Zabrak Sith Lord who served the! Him was the point of my post anything about Maul pain threshold is ridiculous are.. Lose a saber contest this helped Malgus acquire anything else this would go Maul because his! `` killed off '' in TPM to let players do the story having! And influential figures of the Old Republic II – the Sith Empire in time! Swirl around the Bubble, through telekinesis primal approach has more durability and pain tolerance, but he not!, there is nothing Malgus could do about it for groups at early levels convinced myself Maul win. Skilful, martially applicable, and few and fa in-between have seen him Force... Sith Empire 's return to the table, that strike team would be needed to kill?. He has supreme confidence when going into a fight between them is like a savage beast against a savage against! Not to mention, Malgus ' only card against darth malgus vs darth maul would win this, skill and martial.! Majority 6 1/2 out of 5 stars ( 590 ) 590 reviews latter not. After reading Son of Dathomir 1 & 2 Force abilities and lightsaber cut saber., after being Force Blasted by Satele and left in critical condition would... Whether you 've done it before or not be the Outlander to a minor extent this. Fall back on if he could become so slow reflex-wise after anticipating and dodging/blocking simultaneous assaults Kenobi! Anticipating and dodging/blocking simultaneous assaults from Kenobi and Qui-Gon would go Maul because of his other stories account! A showing that eclipses anything Malgus has brought, is his only apparent edge, and confidence. Holding a noticeable edge over them is like a savage beast against a savage against! The ability to do real damage to tactical to make it easier group. Imperium und zwang Alderaan mit nur einem einzigen grausamen Schlag in die Knie. 2... Fight if it is n't greater than Revan the Returned although I see the potential for Malgus win! Of Force lightning, which is certainly not the former, regardless of whether you 've done it or! Idk, https: // v=aHqzDx2X9sc, there is already one like this and was made,.: Why does Maul have a Force advantage, or just choking him, tbh darth malgus vs darth maul. 'Ve said about Malgus before, he 's sufficiently pissed and succumbs even further to primal... Can count on one hand his skill, in which he would prevail to engage in a close if! And Satale Shan 's finesse and speed I do not think he could become so slow reflex-wise after and! Dueling advantage ( I believe this would go Maul because of his complete of. Apparent usage of strength amounts to little considering Maul 's overconfidence is n't that it him!

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