It is best to use this lubricant in dry dusty conditions. It all depends on the lube you use Use a dry or wax type lube, and you should probably be lubing it every single ride. When trying to figure out how often to lube your chain you should take your weekly mileage into consideration. For trail riders using an O-ring or X … In addition to losing pedal power and performance, dirty chains wear out faster and grind down the cogs on your cassette and chainring. Turn your bike upside down so the wheels are in the air and the bike is resting on the handlebars and seat. Brush it well and completely immerse it in a chain solvent to get rid of built-up grime that brushing can't remove. Average 50 miles a ride in good weather, and it’s every ride. You should make an effort to try and clean, degrease and lube your bike chain at least once a month but this depends on where you are biking and how often. Clean and lube it frequently to slow the rate of chain wear. In addition to keeping the bike moving smoothly, oiling the chain frequently will help remove debris from your chain. Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance : The World’s Best-Selling Guide to Mountain Bike Repair. If you do, go ahead and re-apply. as far as lubing goes, i check my chain before each ride and usually apply some white lightning, which doesnt build up too much. Most bike-specific chain oils will also contain Teflon which will help the oil repel dirt and debris. C  Calvin Jones. If you are riding long distances in wet, muddy environments, wipe the chain down and re-apply lube after every ride, or every couple of rides. Finish lubing the link just before the master link, Slowly run the chain up and down the rear cogs. – This is entirely dependent on riding conditions and the type of lube you use. Downs, Todd. If your chain has been exposed to water, mud, dirt, or is noticeably dirty then you should perform a more in-depth cleaning with soap and water. In terms of adding lube in between cleanings, every week or two should be fine, more often if the drivetrain is getting noisy. The recommendation to lube your mountain bike chain “at least every 100 miles” is a generic suggestion found in many bicycle owner’s manuals. Every few months or so (more often for mountain bikes), completely remove your chain using a chain-removal tool. However, mountain biking in the real world, where you ride on dirt trails, gravel roads, and splash through river crossings makes this “every 100 miles” recommendation quite inadequate. As a rule of thumb if you are only riding moderate distances 2-3 times per week, then you can get by, with monthly oilings and possibly every other month. Barnett, John. How often should I oil a mountain bike chain? You will want to dry it down with a cloth that you don’t mind getting dirty, and then reapply oil to the chain. Dry lubes, so called because they’re designed for riding in … Part of what lube does is fill in the cracks and crevices where dirt and grime can collect. Clean the chain and reapply lube every 100-200 miles. You will want to avoid spray bottles (unless dry lube) or just pouring the lube onto the chain while spinning the crank aimlessly. If too much lubricant is on the chain, dirt and grime will stick to the chain, creating a gritty paste that will grind down your entire drivetrain. I created this site, because much like the readers of this site, I am new to mountain biking. The answer to this question will greatly depend on the type of rider and bicycle that you currently have, the rate and mileage that you use your bicycle will very often dictate how often you should be oiling your bicycle chain is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Given it’s a tight fit, lube will reduce the heat on your forks’ seals as the result of friction. Ceramic lubricants are one of the more effective lubricants you can use, but again they do have their specific uses. If you do it regularly(the regularity depends on your style of and location of riding) you will prolong the lifespan of the parts of your bike, and the bike as a whole. If you are a frequent rider, using your bike several times throughout the week, your bicycle will benefit from a regular cleaning and lubrication of the drive chain. You got me when you said that you must oil your mountain bike every ride if you’re a long distance rider to prolong the lube you have on your chain. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions. i dont hose it off or do a thourogh cleaning unless it gets muddy or very dusty. I have updated the content with this in mind. The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair for Road & Mountain Bikes. Let the chain soak until most of … Some of these lubricants are made for and intended for all-purpose use (ie wet, dry.). One can imagine their stanchions are penetrating their lowers. Jesse has a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance. If you clean and lube your chain regularly, you will not need to use a degreaser. Wet lube requires a bit more wiping down compared to a dry lubricant, “Apply lubricant to each link pin as you slowly pedal backwards. For some, this means re-applying lube every day, while for others, it may be once a month or more. Ride one time in wet weather for 20 minutes, and re-lube right away. i usually do it after the ride so i dont have to worry about a wet bike (grips may spin) when i go out for the next. 4 Bucket List Mountain Bike Trails in Colorado. Bicycle Tutor recommends cleaning and lubricating your bike's drive chain at least once every month to … While a motorcycle is made up of various parts, the chain is among the very crucial ones since it is the one that determines how smooth the ride will be. As a rule of thumb, you can get by with one to two times per year, especially if you have great chain maintenance between applications. On a dirt bike, we recommend cleaning and lubricating your chain after every ride. Over lubricating, your chain will make a mess, attract and hold dirt and will reduce the efficiency of your bike. A toothbrush or nail brush will … (DISCLAIMER: this is a rule of thumb…if you feel like the lube you use can last 300-500 miles before being changed, then continue with your routine.) When picking out chain oil, you will be faced with five different types of chain lube. If you are like me, you are now asking the question, “how often should I oil the chain on my mountain bike?”. How Often To Lube Motorcycle Chain. i clean and lube as nessesary. Just a few drops of lube should be enough, unless you ride on very dirty roads. To clean chains that don’t have too much built-up grime, simply use a rag and degreaser. Hobbies: Mountain biking, researching, reading, tasting craft beers, cleaning and lubing my MTBs. Otherwise, I will just apply lubricant every 50 miles or after everytime I clean my bike and chain. Furthermore, lube applied externally is likely to attract dust. Wet chain lube is both wet (well, a liquid anyway) and for wet conditions. Wax lubricants will need more frequent application depending on length and conditions of your ride possibly after or before each ride. Yes, that is okay. Lube your chain when the cracks and crevices are vacant of lube. Dry lubricant, contrary to its name, goes on wet. How often should I lube bicycle chain? The Chain. (Use the pedals to continually move the chain so that you can keep cleaning a new section. This type of lubricant should only be used when the conditions are going to be dry or slightly damp. If you are a regular bike commuter you should lube your bike chain at least every month or every 150-200 miles (240-320 kms). Obviously someone who is riding hundreds of miles a week will need to lube more often than the 50 miles a week rider. Riding on a Tacx Neo the chain noise is the main sound you hear to its really easy to monitor it. If you ride often, once a week is likely enough. Knowing how often to apply chain oil can be confusing and there is not a simple answer, except to say that re-application should be done on average every 50 miles. If you applied wet chain oil, you can start riding after you have removed the chain oil. The first rule of thumb is that you should clean and oil your bike and chain yearly. Wipe down your chain with a lint-free rag, Turn pedals to allow the lubricant to work into the pivots, Repeat light chain wipe down with a fresh rag to remove excess lubricant (wet lube requires more thorough wiping), Same bike after quick cleaning and lubing. The final, but most important, the rule of thumb is to read and follow the direction on the label of your bottle of lubricant. However, in the real world they are less than 94% efficient. Can I use 3-IN-ONE to lubricate my bicycle chain? However, the best way to go about lubing a chain is to do i… I want to share what I learn with you so that we both will learn. If you are a human, do not fill in this field. We know the importance of maintaining your bike chain as this helps in controlling the bike’s movements. However, there are several scenarios where using a degreaser is necessary: When switching from wet to dry lube (or vice versa), If you have been ‘over-lubing’ or applying lube without cleaning before application for an extended period, Yearly de-greasing of the drivetrain during a complete bike tune-up/overhaul, If you neglected to clean your bike for months and your drivetrain is caked in filth. Oiling the chain on your mountain bike keeps the moving parts loose and allows them to move with little friction. I want to learn to mountain bike better to make photography and photography spots more accessible. These lubricants like all the others, go on wet and dry to form the protective barrier. Separately, I use an ultrasonic cleaner and Molten Speed Wax on my mountain bike chains - combo works fantastic. Always start with a clean drivetrain. Barnett’s Manual : Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics. As a contrast taking good care of your chain will prolong the lube you have on your chain. When it gets noisy I spray down with White Lightening chain cleaner and using a microfiber until its clean, and then reapply. However, I am going to try and outline a few rules of thumb. If you are mainly on the road just backpedal your chain through a clean lint-free cloth. Of all the parts that make up a bicycle, the drive chain is among those that receive the most wear. 100 miles is far too long to go without looking after the chain. The majority of bicycle owner’s manuals and bike repair books recommend to clean and lube your mountain bike chain after every hard ride or after exposure to dirty and wet conditions. Most wet lubes will provide efficient lubrication for over 100 miles of riding with one application. Below is a step by step process for applying the chain oil if you need to clean and degrease the chain first. When it dries it leaves the chain protected and lubricated from the elements. This is the lube you need to apply if you will be riding a … As stated above, there is the best use scenario, and the best use scenario for wet lube is when conditions will be wet.