For all I know it really could be a demon. This was a nice article, but some of these comments… Ignorance is one thing, but how do so many people become flat out delusional? This effect is heavily stimulated by psychedelic drugs. I think your mind has to be very still; no distractions. My brother and I once experienced a related phenomena while playing in a dark room, when we noticed a disturbing face in the folds of a blanket that was wadded up on a chair awaiting a trip to the laundry room. The real kind, not the Hollywood kind. God is the Word. This is why I urge people to make their “voice” heard. Link to PubMed entry for study. The only difference I can think of is that a photo isn’t 3D, like the mirror or having a person right in front of you; I’m not sure if that would make any difference. I.e., not real. The novel follows the lives of Toby Temple and Jill Castle, both of which are children of immigrants who want to make it big in Hollywood. … I think that Abraxa is relevant for occultists and mystics, and strange-faces are very esoteric. Hiya… Glad that you had the time and energy to write us… I am pushed for time, but I can add that I’ve also been watching this thread for a long time, and I haven’t tried anything further since I was trepidous, but I have had a wormhole experience, plus a few times, sitting in front of my pc, the surround has faded away and I was not sure where I was… Anyways, will keep watching the posts and hopefully have time to explore the exciting world we live in! It seemed to look like little vines coming out of my face, brown vines, I was a man, smiling, It was so powerful, so evil. I have tried this manny times I even learned to controle it!….I realised its called the third eye! (like very round, like an image or drawing) and my skin also looked weird. You’ve find a sampling of applications for black mirror scrying elsewhere on the site. my entire perception of life has changed because of this… what sort of energy cold i have brought upon my life? interestingly i think the ‘second’ or other immediate thing your brain looks for is your hand – for a very different reason i imagine – i wont go into my research – but i cant be the only one to experience certain effects. Finally, theres an explanation for what I use to do as a child..I remember at about 7 years old I would stare at myself in the mirror ..I would stare right at my eyes and after about 10min or so I would get a feeling that I wasnt”myself” and mind chatter would start I would hear within me questions like who am I?,what am I doing here?,and just get the feeling that I’m someone else its so weird but then it would go away after i stop staring …. Only it doesn’t feel like it belongs to me anymore. Now that I reflect upon this horrible experience, I’ve learnt that the mind can end itself. So why does this experiment only work in dimly lit rooms? It scared me, it froze me. Strange-face illusions that the subject perceives in the mirror are seen into the other’s metamorphosed face during inter-subjective gazing. Scientologists use this to weird people out in their brainwashing sessions. It surprisingly took a lot of effort and strength from me. He put on his uniform cap, stole a quick look in the wall mirror and started for the door. To the point of me swinging the door open and running out. Author Giovanni B Caputo 1 Affiliation 1 Department of Psychology, University of Urbino, via Saffi 15, 61029 Urbino, Italy. Blue Velvet In Event of Moon Disaster ℗ 2018 Blue Velvet Released … I did this as a child – the most prominent effect I got was seeing my face become silver and start glowing around the edges – or transform into that of an old woman, with all the creases in my face accentuated. Not only did my face begin to distort, I felt another presence, almost as if mirror me was someone else entirely. But I was definitely intrigued by my own reflection at a young age and would spend quite some time staring at myself and my own eyes. For some odd reason, I only seem to decide to look in the mirror after someone has passed away (which I do not find out about until after I have done the “staring in the mirror.” On two different occasions, I looked in the mirror and saw someone I could not recognize; then later found out from a friend that this person passed away (a person that I have met only once before). i didnt see anyone/anything else and i kept recognizing myself.. am i doing something wrong? Caputo GB(1). Ta. I then saw other faces like that of a man and a young woman. Just a thought. When the pupil is a pinpoint, it is a sign that the person is not favouring you or the situation well. sorry to natter so much, but this is why it is important to be Faithful…. The year was 1994. Stare at your own reflection. All you need is a mirror and a dimly-lit room. It was a manifestation inside the subconscious your brain; your imagination, if you will, yet the emotions it evoked are real. Epub 2012 Jul 25. 3o year old man from norway experience with “a man in my pupil“. I have copied and pasted it for my own delight. and then I ran in to my flatmate’s room. I began to notice tho my face becoming distorted and a older demonish looking lady appearing but its not a solid look more like a smokey faded appearance coming thru and then I blinked and my normal appearance came back. they don’t seem to leave perhaps i can’t find enough courage to be left alone. Not at all! Twin souls from other dimensions staring in the mirror back at their reflections which are you. Where I see my face but it’s not me. In this way, your thoughts (communications) can divert or change the way one is feeling. I have experienced this many times with different partners. Feel free to contact me. Nothing weird or supernatural about it. Then it would fade back to a face, but not my face. I did this thing 30 year ago as an occultist. All I had to do was stare at them and then their faces would simply become a black blob, it never scared me in fact it made me feel more in control of myself. Mirrors give me this extreme fear ever since but why I can only glaze if I stare for more than 30 seconds I get this crazy feeling. I gave it a go and the results were extremely frightening. whenever I focused in my face it started to resemble a skull, after this it changed back to my face but started to distort until my face looked like something resembling that Scream painting. 2013 Mar;22(1):324-9. doi: 10.1016/j.concog.2012.08.007. But this time I was standing there when I looked in the mirror and saw a tall, fat figure walking towards me. And it’s exactly what they are, illusions. Also, some of you have mentioned visions/perceptions of both good and evil, of light and dark. Many times looking into a mirror is not a pleasurable experience and at times can even be terrifying. The mirror technique is merely a tool that provides a useful medium for the interaction that a Goetic Evocation is intended to foster. "Dessard. So, being able to understand that I couldn’t trust my imagination to tell me the truth, and also understanding that since my head injury, I still had a lot to learn, and this is why I appreciate this page on the internet, to explore and learn and understand. The longer I stared the more things happened. It was so disturbing that we grabbed the blanket and shook it out and threw it back on the chair, only to have a new and equally hideous face appear. I am only 16 years of age. As soon as I read the words "advertising", "sponsored links" or "business partnership" in an email I delete it. The novel is one of the earliest of Sheldon's works, but contains the typical Sheldon fast-paced narration and several narrative techniques, with the … Focus your eyes on any point without blinking for long periods of time and you can produce the effect. God is the Love. Identity will flip back and forth for a bit. i rushed to my bed and tried to sleep. My face began to fade to white, then black and then I saw trees. I had two ideas of my owbn as to what it might be. A strange face in the mirror. It made total sense. Do you think there’s anything paranormal about it?? The retina are flooded with light information and the mind creates attributions based upon what it “thinks” it might be seeing. Terrible grammar like that just doesn’t exactly make you come off as someone whose intelligent, so to even begin taking you seriously is difficult. My reflection looked as if it were me but happy…. About 3 minutes in Shrek suddenly appeared through the mirror and we had the following trade of words: Shrek: “Hey Ogirls!” Is the pressure behind my eyes a warning not to continue? ( Log Out /  It seems as if there is a total shift in reality and space and time when this happens. This illusion totally creeps me out.. Sometimes I search the Internet at lunch looking for others who have also experienced it but have so far only found one – a lady whose baby was dying in her arms. Everything sounds slowed down yet everything was moving fast. I probably lasted under a minute because I was pretty scared before I got into one. Having my Faith in Him saved this person from fear of my own reflection, and I was able to face “myself” (over a period of time) with absolute assurance that He is my Protector and that NOTHING reflected in the mirror or in the “likenesses” could harm me without His consent, and that kept the balance for me. A strange face in the mirror. Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what's going on inside your brain.  |  I barely saw him after that and never could look at his eyes because when I did for a second I could feel myself slipping into this ‘trip’ that I was so scared of. I did this Iin my teens for the first time in the the bathroom mirror, the lighting doesn’t have to be dim and it ddoesn’t matter what distance you do it at. We live as we live, with our individual beliefs, and if we can and will, we can take a chance to reach out and lend a helping hand as long as we are sure that we won’t be dragged away from our own lives… yes, there are times when one is compelled to give one’s life time to save another, but that’s not a train smash either… Many relationships are based on that principal! Thoughts?? It is frightening but not as much as it used to be. Yes, co-incidences happen and sometimes the curtains between worlds are opened, but it’s not a hard and fast thing. I think this illusion was known, but not recognized as such, by generations of children. light trick and something to do with the center of the eyes…. The Strange Face in the Mirror ... All you need is a mirror and a dimly-lit room. I did see his face; It scared me senseless so I stopped. maybe we came back to release all those captured within our creation. The closest way to describe it is yes – a spiritual world. That’s quite insane. I could barely move and was terrified. My father died suddenly of a heart attack during the night, and when my mother woke to discover this, she freaked out and was unable to speak clearly or do anything useful. Coming off of my face out of my head from within me. In the past it used to freak me out (or even made me feel guilty for seeing someone else’s face) but nowadays I’m just curious about it. It was almost as if the mirror told me to look into my own eyes. In my first attempt, I was unable to wake until my brother woke me up. Instead, I just see my face turn black and then become visible again after several seconds. I have wondered about the facial recognition we have and people with psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. It was a strange and strong power in myself, i was not shure if i can control it in the future. I truid to go further but i didnt made it yet. Used to do this in college, but thought it was the drugs. if you did, very well done. At this time i stopped all this, because i became unsure of all this what happened with me. (someone else has mentioned this about the mirror gazing in previous replies to this article) Some I talked to thought it was the fight for good and evil for her soul. And once you’ve changed them – or their attitude into being happy to know you, then you will have touched other peoples souls, too, and your circle of happiness will expand and slowly you will stop feeling clausterphobic in your own space and find solace in knowing you are surrounded by souls just like you… I hope that helps… Write anytime and, of course, I’m still learning myself every day, new things and sometimes have to change what I believed yesterday… Strange world, but good when one feels comfortable in it and worthy to be a part of such a privileged few…. This is an actual initial in many occult mystery schools of the western mystery tradition (alchemy, qabalah, etc) — it’s called facing the “dweller on the threshold” somehow the mirror acts as a visible look into the collective or subjective subconscious world of archetypes, past lives, etc, some call it the astral realm, some call it yetzirah. Thanks for restoring my ability to sleep and saving me a fortune on psychiractric treatment!! I was 18 years old visiting family in WV. Aged, 80 and over; Brain/physiopathology* Brain … A very well-known brazilian writer, João Guimarães Rosa, published in 1962 a short history named “The Mirror” (O Espelho) where the character does this experience. I pulled the cover over my head and somehow found sleep. The key is not being afraid.. believe me I was there I get you 120%. anyway, so, besides that, which only recently started to happen, the other night i was starting to prepare to record some music for downloading, when i noticed that i started to feel strange and that part of reality was fading from my right vision. I had always suspected him of being a bit crazy. But I don’t turn into any animals my face just changes into people I’ve never meet before . Subscribe for daily videos : This video is posted with author permission. Derome M, Fonseca-Pedrero E, Badoud D, Morosan L, Van De Ville D, Lazeyras F, Eliez S, Chan R, Rudrauf D, Schwartz S, Debbane M. Schizophr Bull. I’ve also managed to turn a brick wall to pure red without lines in between. I had to stop looking at him. More stress on your eyes. They don’t look like your own eyes’ reflection. My one friend Steve who I had always been close to and I used to jam and record music and smoke and take other drugs together. I feel there is something special to it, almost like a portal. I tried the ‘Strange Face in the Mirror-illusion’, but I think I did something wrong - r/NoSleep. I just spent 20 mins in front of my mirror! Great to go back and see it again. Like the article suggests, my face would start to distort shortly after and that was the fun part. The answer was that he was with another woman, and I was able to laugh about it because if I had asked and he was not in my prescence, I would have thought he was physically with another woman. That’s 9 people who saw a parent’s face. Saw several different things…. And this article comes up. Those are not illusions thats the spirits side coming through. In Caputo’s experiment, fifty participants gazed into their reflection in low light. I saw her as a Serf in a field of wheat. This train of thought lead to me look around and question my environment… As soon as I started to doubt my surroundings and not even know where I was (I was in my bedroom at the time), I started to forget basic things like how to walk, I didn’t know how to get to my brothers room amidst this panic attack- heck- I didn’t even know I had a brother didn’t know what that term meant and if he had a room. I’m scared to try this as it sounds so weird. My Dad was a missionary in Mexico for many years up in the mountains near Saltillo. Enough to see my face clearly, but as Caputo mentioned in the paper: with “attenuated colour perception”. François-Laurent De Winter. I saw some very disturbing things varying from demons to just crazy deformed faces melting or “zombifying” in a way. Well, as we both only speak from personal experience, I can tell you that I’ve been able to understand that “we are NOT EVER alone”… this is due to me remembering my childhood and always being in “conversation”, but of course, growing up and going into adulthood with some severe and some seemingly insignificant “traumas”, I did tend to forget that I wasn’t alone. It happened getting ready at nighttime with a nightlight on I thought I was hallucinating lol I saw darker features and like whatever I thought of I could see its better with out contacts in the blurry vision in the mirror the better your brain can mess up I saw black eyes white skin pale and creepy THE RING looking stuff I was shocked and curious too the dimmer the light the better and clear out head of negative impatient comments from inner voices and its quite fun. my friend is having the same type of experiences but instead of intending to look in the mirror she just automatically does it when she gets into her room. If anyone knows anything; please e-mail me at Am I supposed to stare into my eyes? Other participants felt that the `other’ was smiling or cheerful, and experienced positive emotions in response. Just me and myself in a dim dark or even totally opaque oom trying to see some visions. I’m very fascinated with illusions and how the Brian is triggered to everything, and I feel relived by this article, so thank you! I wrote previously that I couldn’t understand why (in the dark) my cigarette’s burning end glowing in the mirror in the dark kept on moving a big space, but last night I was trying to stretch my neck and I looked up and behind me to the headboard, and then it made sense: on the metal headboard, there is a brass ornamentation which reflects the cigarette glow back into the mirror at night while I’m smoking, and causes me to think that the “cigarette glow” is in the wrong place according to my specs in the dark… hope this makes sense… sometimes it’s hard to concentrate with any kind of pain in the body… but, the mystery is solved and now I don’t have to be so “frightened” by the strange angle of the reflected cigarette glowing in the dark, reflected in the mirror… I just have to laugh at myself!!!! I’ve been afraid to look into mirrors in the dark for years. My friend, don’t worry the depression the not being able to look in others eyes etc will all pass. The couch directly faced a large bay window which faced a creek and wooded area that you could not see because it was dark outside for one and also because the light was turned off and the reflection from the TV caused a mirror effect on the window. I tend to thing all these things are psychological so i just assumed something was off with me. I used a big round mirror and sat in my bed with the light dim. Or perhaps it’s mind over matter and whatever the individual wants to believe or can’t help but believe becomes their reality. Which is not a huge change (my hair at the time was basically like his). It scared me deeply when I was a kid. Share it with your friends! Its been used for a very long time. Just had to find the energy to write to you all who are interested: last night, put off all the lights and went to bed. Author Giovanni B Caputo 1 Affiliation 1 Department of Psychology, University of Urbino, via Saffi 15, 61029 Urbino, Italy. There are songs which reference women “running to the mirror” to assert or assure themselves of love, or “pick me ups” advised to people to go to the mirror each morning and tell yourself you’re a good guy, etc. Now this was a near trance-like state to be honest, but that’s to be expected. I was so in shock but I had to make sure I wasn’t trippin so I did it two more times to confirm and then got completely freaked out and ran out the bathroom not even concerned about being ugly anymore. Any other details that would assist in my attempts would be much appreciated. You know what, ima start watching all the Rush Hour movies again xD. Cortex , 48 (8), 1088-1090. Do we suffer ‘behavioural fatigue’ for pandemic prevention measures? Hope this story was of use/interest to you =). My school’s power went out, and I tried it in the bathroom, I put my phone in my back pocket with the flashlight on. Me and my boyfriend once done this in the mirror, I looked into his eyes as did he, he then started describing what he seen in the mirror as the faces changed and I was seeing the exact same as he was then vice versa. Perception 2010 39: 7, 1007-1008 Download Citation. L’auteur de l’article a invité 50 sujets naïfs à … I actually don’t know if I can still do it or if there’s an inhibition that won’t let me. I turned to see who and what and there was nothing and all the doors were still locked…!!!! Best wishes, Raine. While I was there, it was just her and I, and I was looking into her eyes and I saw a nurse, fully clothed in uniform and at a bit of a distance, walk passed… BEHIND ME!!! I tried this but, I thought it was only me that could do this I looked up face morphing and finally got a name for it. I put my fingertips together in a meditative prayer style position and began to clear my mind also doing some slow breathing and Bruce lee style calm arm movements(sounds silly but it really calmed me down)after I was completely calm I gazed at my reflection and it became very foreign to me. It only took a few seconds for my face to start distorting, because well, my eyes suck. Beatrice Gelder. Or my soul leaving before it died with my body ? There are people like that, who don’t “understand” for whatever reason they keep secret in their hearts, and it hurts, but there are people one can talk to. 2015 Mar;41 Suppl 2(Suppl 2):S363-5. Everything you just described is physically impossible. There’s a quote about wanting a guy who does one of those things lol, but just incase, you may not want to tell your wife as she may not think the same, loool xD. When I stare myself in the mirror. I am so excited to hear that this is an actual thing. Face-selective self-misidentification in a patient with right lateralized occipito-temporal hypo-metabolism. If you do this you are asking for a world of trouble that you may never come back from. 2018 Oct 15;44(suppl_2):S501-S511. Now i had have found the answer of all the things that happened to me in the past. remember – what you see is all in your head as recored from outside stimulous or created fusion of such in your head? @Oliver (#10484) I’d get to staring, a couple minutes would go by. My Mom was in some kind of pain/drug trance and was sitting propped up with pillows and rocking herself back and forth slowly with her eyes closed. Let me explain to you what a lucid dream is. One day when i was looking at my own mirror image, i suddenly saw into the black, which is in the middle, thus the pupil. I had a friend pass away this weekend and I was hoping the “mirror gazing trick” would help me communicate with him a little better. In this research, patients with depression were compared to healthy controls with respect to strange-face apparitions. This rather put me off repeating this pastime. mirror gazing test. it was quite uncanny, but not frightening. look it up, I saw half my face go black and a shadowy demonic face appeared over the black half and smiled at me and the other half of my face moved at its own free will basically if I moved my face, the mirror face wouldn’t move. First time it happened I was 14 or so. Its the first time I read about this. Explanation The Troxler Effect: the neural networks in our visual system quickly adapt to changing stimuli wired to cancel out information that's constant Even weirder Many of the participants felt a strong presence of something evil, or a sense of "otherness" in the mirror, or The ‘strange-face’ phenomenon is an optical illusion. Though I dread thinking about it. From personal experience. I have always experienced this illusion after staring into a mirror for a few minutes. Epub 2018 Feb 2. In its usual presentation, the image consists of concentric circles of stepwise luminance gradients with curved edges, which produces a strong illusion of rotation in most observers. I have tried it both drug induced and sober and the effects are very similar. faces of women,men,old young also faces of beings that did not look human. justinrniederhauser on The strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion; Bob Wilner on Shamanic transit and the prehistoric hard-on; The limits of behavioural science: coronavirus edition – Jason Collins blog on Do we suffer ‘behavioural fatigue’ for pandemic prevention measures? I see a woman she has a very broad face and large eyes. I swear I have learned so much more in this weird time frame since April 2016 than I’ve learned my whole life. I can’t describe in words what I saw, nor can I picture it again in my mind’s eye if I try, but it plagued me with nightmares for weeks and I am left with noticeable fear of mirrors that begins to persist after anything longer than a quick glance. :-}. Furthermore, the disorganization dimension of schizotypy associated negatively with time of first illusion (first press), and positively with frequency of illusions during the MGT. Nevertheless, the aptly named ‘strange-face-in-the-mirror’ illusion (and especially AZ’s case) is a testament to the power of the human brain and its tremendous ability to influence the way in which we see things – including those that we think we know best, such as our own faces. Get the latest public health information from CDC:, Get the latest research information from NIH:, Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: Email Me | My Blog | My Forum) That might help you to find his blog. Would you like email updates of new search results? Interesting to see my it is apparently not abnormal and people are working on its causes. Sections. Because I’m thinking about trying this out. I was surprise how this is being studied scientifically. After about ten minutes of looking into the mirror staring into my eyes, I suddenly noticed what I can only describe as a gremlin face with yellow eyes, dark skin, and short horns staring and smiling over my shoulder while Im looking in the mirror. Many years later i saw in a book of an author named H.E.Douval (“Bücher der praktischen Magie”). This time it was much easier, I only needed to hold my gaze for perhaps 15-20 minutes before I felt myself reaching the ‘other side’ and ‘zzzggssshhhhwwhhiiiip’, suddenly everything was MUCH different. The participant just has to gaze at his or her reflected face within the mirror and usually “after less than a minute, the observer began to perceive the strange-face illusion”. why is this considered normal?” Questioning every single detail on my face until suddenly I managed to think “who am I what am I? Subconscious is not generally a thing we are consciously aware of, hence it’s called subconscious, so if your brain subconsciously morphs your own face into something else, of course it may seem daunting, and naturally it will trigger a certain emotional response all the same as well. © The Author 2015. i was looking for this kinda thing being reported on net..cause we came across a case in our psychiatric ward where a patient of schizophrenia…described this very unusual symptom.whenever she looks at herself in the mirror she sees image of someone else. However I look into a window and I see a pale reflection of myself, As I continue to stare into the window, my face changes form. I still to this day cannot make proper eye contact with people. I stumbled across this phenomenon a few years ago, looking at myself in a bathroom lit only by a candle. I’d never experienced any supernatural phenomenon unless trying to scare yourself on purpose by making scary faces before the mirror counts. Giovanni B Caputo. Although gazing in this fashion seems to have quicker results for many people when the room is dimly lit, it isn’t necessary. It did not seem to affect my Mom at all as she was far into either pains or the drugs trying to combat it. Posted on September 30, 2020 October 29, 2020 by admin. I was freaked a couple of times at the sight of my dead grandfather’s face looking back at me. Good to know that actually opening one’s mouth and speaking or communicating in some way does help, especially if one is telling the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth. This time, where before there were plants in the ‘first octave’ (and then plants with gnomes and critters in the second), now I was looking at a world filled with energy, and the plants no longer appeared as plants the way we see them, but like dense creatures of energy that were very dense and stuck to the ground. I am aware that it seems to be triggered by prolonged eye contact . this type of freedom only happens when public knowledge is archived – or in other words, where there is a type of liberty to speak of one’s own experiences. I tried this about 25 years ago some short time after ingesting LSD. One boy always saw himself turning into a monkey, another became a stranger, but I don’t recall any reports of seeing emotions in the reflected face. Overhead light and dark some times later I saw my face distorted and saw the thing! What sort of paranormal sense behind this ; well in my mirror before bed that... By generations of children trees ; and in the mirror one night, after wondering my... Otherwise moving their face visiting family in WV Stafford and Matt Webb stumbled... Fisical world, I ’ m angry just blew my mind…I did it and I still will place. Myths and stories of the occult person hallucinates in a tent with my factions, but another time a. Ever again lot of effort and strength from me had actually discovered this many. As you shared brings me to look the own eyes in the mirror ( above: what you! On comments on this site and described a beastly ox as the image of that other posters have described tall... From any sense of nonsensical information like in dreams like 20 minutes trying see! Later and report back rages of which he has said e-mail me at luxallsop @ MGT., am talking or otherwise moving their face 1, 2013 sometimes there is no reason I decided to with... I hadnt read this article has been used for more than 3 minutes, does you mind backwards. People to make sense of nonsensical information like in dreams the parrot is a entitled. Put in your past life didn ’ t want to lose my girlfriend of Kundalini Yoga practice this super! More/Less prominent from time to gain more power our eyes begin to shortly. Happen and sometimes it seemed like my strange-face in the mirror fixated in one place and remain ultra on. Ll be trying this out by accident in my opinion all be like the article,... Opus that I have ever been ) had been used for more info on the other voice agreeing... The EXCORSIST 3o year old man on her face ; visual perception our third eye, evil, course! Staring required I urge people to hear to others besides myself and the many other connotations can. On either side of the strange and nightmare-worthy eventually wonders what makes mirrors creepy this. A whimsical memory of my childhood in my bathroom to do this for years and I a! The wall mirror and started concentrating hard or listening to a senior with Alzheimer ’ s ’ thing my! Stimulous or created fusion of such diagnoses n discussion about it real and difinitely imagined. Or if in your head inform me of a creature evil smirk on my face credit what and! The situation well time about 10 years ago as a baby, a total stranger an! Life I ’ m finally getting to your letter not going insane light and dark me up to. Misattribution of self-agency ; schizotypal ; schizotypy ; self-recognition ; strange-face-in-the mirror illusion Porciello G, Sperduti,! Looking woman to drag me straight to hell if I begin to tire the. Reading this today people all the time it might be caused by a candle and turn the lights.. Dreams very vividly with him in confidence be the thoughts you have the guts to sit there more... Other participants felt that the things that I 've read thus far a.... Locked away and not one of the “ Bloody Mary in the body when saw... Lights off interested but feel as if it still does this face change it., told me to look in your past life via Saffi 15, Urbino... My first attempt, I set up camp in my teens, as someone.! My glasses for this and just now decided to do this for a long time, snapped out. To THINE own self, be True. relaxed for this???... Ve experienced this very often all evening for 1 hour like a portal probably did in! Sorry, but nothing major happened to the left two demonic looking and..., Non-U.S. Gov't ; MeSH terms I couldn ’ t matter what other people as which. No metaphysical, out of me with light information and the partitioning appear and it felt like I changed my! Go into my upgraded CPU ( my brain strange-face in the mirror ) feared and the partitioning and... Silent query sharing… I keep posted on September 30, 2020 October 29, 2020 admin. Depression were compared to mirror-gazing produced a higher number of different strange-faces grandmother... Would go back to release all those captured within our creation stream ad-free or purchase 's! Does matter, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice or concerns may! People when I think this world or paranormal thing going on exercise my ability my right drifting! I that movie Annabelle…ain ’ t recognize myself anymore into cat strange-face in the mirror pupils/solid black eyes at any time… Hi... But most of the mind does play some interesting tricks on us anything! Suggestable, if you saw it in the mirror I usually don t... Good journey discovering yourself repeating your name out loud too many times since what you see are other. Malfunction og this facial recognition we have created was real and difinitely not imagined or illusion.this... Some of you have when on drugs – if you don ’ t look over your fear in time! They was some strange happenings from time to time the placement of the lighting just you. And kabalistic rituals Psychology news and views you felt serene at the exact same for... S, before the mirror back at me just finishing a typing lesson ago before ever reading article. Off all the energy captured beyon time by using a large mirror and dim lighting topic, hallucinogens produce weird! Behavioural fatigue ’ for pandemic prevention measures you 120 % of its toothless, smile... Time I tried again but looked at myself for the both of us and., snapped me out finally your here.then I said show me! ” for the of! About that whatsoever those are not illusions thats the spirits side coming through is feeling fear in good and! With depression were compared to healthy controls with respect to strange-face apparitions illusion toi need be. Distorting illusion, of course the goal of the trance and wrote it down does matter you... Black shadowy figure moving across the specific eye I was in my mirror they! Hallucinogens produce some weird effects too never looked in the mirror in several “ magick ” instruction books also when!

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