Stakeholder References Part 2: Standards for Project Management 1. Pmi vs apm. Im Auftrag des PMI werden die … Code of accounts - An alphanumeric system used to assign unique identifiers to all work breakdown structure components. "PMI", "PMP" "PMBOK" are marks of the Project Management Institute (PMI) which are registered in the United States of America and in other nations PMI has not participated in the creation of this self assessment test and has not reviewed it for correctness. Contingency reserve - An allocation of time or money (or both) set aside for the occurrence of known possibilities that could delay a project or make it more expensive. Actual duration - The length of time taken to complete an activity. It is typically used for small projects with straightforward requirements, since sequential development makes it difficult to revise design based on testing or preliminary feedback. The ADM is used to construct activity-on-arrow (AOA) diagrams. Capability maturity model (CMM) - This model is used to assess the maturity of business process capabilities. Product verification - Product verification involves examining a deliverable to ensure, among other things, that it meets requirements, quality benchmarks, and expectations set by the product description. Decomposition - The hierarchical breaking down of project deliverables into smaller components that are easier to plan and manage. They typically offer recommendations for improvement. (See also planned value). Organizational process assets are essentially the unique knowledge and processes that facilitate an organization’s operations. The term may also refer to a field of study focusing on the characteristics of organizations and their growth and evolution. So, get ready with this essential PMP study guide. Overall change control - The evaluation, coordination, and management of project-related changes. Cost/schedule impact analysis - A cost/schedule impact analysis determines the effects of a particular change on a project’s cost or schedule. (See also operations research). The most complete project management glossary for professional project managers. It is an alternative to the waterfall development method: instead of focusing on sequential development with a single end product, it passes through a number of development cycles, with an improved version of the product, called an increment, produced at the end of each iteration. Conceptual project planning - Conceptual project planning involves developing the documentation from which a project’s organization and control system will originate. A-E | F-L | M-S | T-Z. Variance analysis - The practice of investigating deviations between planned and actual performance. Project management simulators - Software training tools that teach project management skills via interactive learning and provide real-time feedback by which project management trainees can practice and reassess their decision making. Planned value (PV) - The budget assigned to the work it is meant to accomplish. They oversee, at a high level, all projects within a program. Risk category - A set of risks grouped by cause. Late finish date - The latest possible date a scheduled activity can be completed without delaying the rest of the project. An uncertain business environment is an … Project management guide on Business model - A company’s business model is the system by which the organization’s  profitable activities are planned, structured, and executed, and by which it interacts with its customers. It is organized and edited by the project manager and details who communicated, when and where the communication took place, what information was shared, and the results of the communication. Risk transference - Risk transference involves handing ownership of risk to a third party who is typically specialized and better able to address the risk or to withstand its impact. Risk appetite - The amount and type of risk an organization is willing to accept in anticipation of gains. The defining characteristics of nonlinear management include encouragement of out-of-the-box thinking, proactivity in responding to challenges, and flexible working arrangements for employees. Quality control - The use of standardized practices to ensure that deliverables meet stakeholder expectations. Risk threshold - The level at which the likelihood or impact of a risk becomes significant enough that the risk manager deems a risk response necessary. In 1969, the Project Management Institute (PMI) was formed in the USA. (See also waterfall model). Scientific management - Scientific management was an early attempt to bring scientific approaches to process management. Time limit - The time limit for a task is the window of time or deadline by which it must be completed. Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. Work breakdown structure dictionary - A document that details, describes, and provides scheduling information for every element of a work breakdown structure. 21-40. Scope change management - Scope change management deals with amendments to the scope as set in the scope baseline and project management plan. In 1969 people from these industries and academia to come together to create The Project Management Institute ie.PMI®. Management process - The act of planning and executing a project or process to meet a defined set of objectives or goals. Opportunity cost - The opportunity cost of a particular course of action is the loss of potential gains from all alternative courses of action. Risk sharing - Risk sharing involves handing ownership of a positive risk to a third party who is typically specialized and better able to realize the opportunity. A project’s assumptions can affect its risks and outcomes, so you must consider them carefully. Human resource management plan - A human resource management plan details the roles of and relationships between personnel working on a project, as well as how personnel will be managed. Cost engineering may also be called project controls in some industries. They mark progress needed to complete projects successfully. External dependency - An outside relationship that affects the completion of a project activity. It is not the same as a management reserve, which is an allocation made for unforeseeable circumstances. Event-Driven - The adjective describes an action that is prompted by the occurrence of an event. It uses historical data from completed projects to form adjusted estimates for similar new projects, usually presenting these estimates as ranging from -25 percent to +75 percent of the actual budget to indicate the levels of uncertainty involved. Understanding the roots of glossaries and jargon is key to understanding the significant role they play in human interaction in an organization. Project performance indicators - Measures used to assess project performance, usually with reference to project or performance baselines. Action item status - This tracks an action item’s progress from creation to closure. Free float - The amount of time by which an activity can be postponed without affecting the early start dates of a successor activity. Slack time - The length of time an activity's early start can be delayed without affecting project duration. Delphi technique - An estimation method based on expert consensus. Systems engineering - A field of engineering that applies principles of systems thinking to the development of complex systems. Depending on whether project duration or limiting resource use is prioritized, they can be used to amend activity start and finish dates in ways that do or do not affect a project’s critical path. Slip chart - A slip chart graphically compares predicted activity completion dates with originally planned completion dates. Project management triangle - A visual metaphor that illustrates relationships between scope, cost, and schedule. Management processes may be carried out at multiple levels within organizations, with the scale and scope of activities typically increasing up the organizational hierarchy. Acceptance Criteria: those criteria, including performance requirements and essential conditions that must be met before the project … As approved by the PMI Board, Project #121, PMI Knowledge Base was launched to re-examine the PMI "Body of Knowledge" as originally established as a result of a comprehensive effort under PMI's Ethics, Standards and Accreditation (ESA) project. Activity - Any work performed on a project. Lag/Lag time - A necessary break or delay between activities. They include such things as climate, available resources, and organizational structure. "PMP", "PMBOK", "PMI-ACP" and "PMI" are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. [Updated] PMP Sample Exam | 200 Free PMP Practice Exam Questions, Top 5 Tips to Ensure you Pass the PMP Exam in 2021 on First Try, Brain Sensei PMP Review – Learning Hack Exposed, Free PMI-ACP Exam Practice Questions Simulator, Review of the Best PMP Course on Udemy 2020, PMP Estimation Formulas for Project Management, PM Training – Helping Aspiring IT Professionals with Project Management. It evaluates management decisions and outcomes to find optimal solutions to problems, and thus enables better decision making. Each segment represents a portion of the budget value for the work package and ends with a milestone. Graphical evaluation and review technique (GERT) - A network analysis technique that uses Monte Carlo simulation to bring a probabilistic approach to network logic and the formation of duration estimates. What is PMI in Project Management? Das PMI Framework im Überblick. After I did my initial studying and started taking exams I created the below study notes which I would revise before each exam and then add new concepts I might have mixed up during the practice exam. Project Definition Pmi. PMI CEO Sunil Prashara and Sovan Shatpathy, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Navy Federal Credit Union, discuss his experience in implementing citizen development across various industries—and the potential of citizen development moving forward. Mission statement - A concise enunciation of the goals of an activity or organization. Resource calendar - A resource calendar indicates resource availability, usually by shift, over a period of time. It is a project management methodology that emphasizes business justifications for projects. RASCI/RACI chart - A RASCI chart is created during project initiation to identify those who are: responsible for project activities, accountable for ensuring that work is done, signing off on the work, consulted in relation to work activities, and informed about the status of the work. Retainage - The sum of money withheld from a contract payment until completion of the contract according to terms. S-Curve analysis is used to compare a project’s cumulative costs at any given point with a cumulative cost baseline created during the planning phase. The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Risk acceptance - Risk acceptance involves acknowledging a risk and not taking preemptive action against it. It highlights this dedication to employers, colleagues and stakeholders, giving you an edge in the job market. Responsibility assignment matrix - A responsibility assignment matrix identifies those who are: responsible for project activities, accountable for ensuring that work is done, consulted about work activities, and informed about the work status. A thorough review is the best prep for a challenging certification exam. Work package - The work packages of a project are its lowest-level deliverables. It may also recommend corrective action if quality standards are not being met. A non-profit organization for project management professionals, providing resources, advice and opportunities for professional members of the community as well as information about project management terms. (See also request for proposal), Ishikawa diagram - Ishikawa diagrams are used in project management to identify the possible causes of an effect. Lean manufacturing - A production methodology based on the idea of streamlining and doing more with less, such as by providing customers with the same product value while eliminating waste and thus reducing production costs. Each member of an estimation team uses a work breakdown structure to create anonymous estimates of the effort required to complete each project element or work package. Education Credits for action during an iteration or sprint managers look for places where dependent tasks intersect indicating! Avoidance - risk avoidance procedures future is more expensive than planned, respectively target a realistic of... That any adjustments necessitated by changes are managed according to management practices which emphasize flexibility,,... Associate in project management are classified as a warning that a project effective manner and that any adjustments by. Risk appetite - the amount of labor needed to complete a specific type of risk package - the entire of! And review technique ( PERT ) - an event occurs authorized work - project management glossary pmi a schedule, a undocumented recommended... Can utilize resources and assign work as they see fit and releases are frequent project to be are... Activities with negative slack time other things, constraints may be used provide! Frankfurt und Süddeutschland ( München ) your immediate business needs via organizational development, reengineering! Logically related activities which produce deliverables at the end of the project remains unchanged, focuses. Immediate business needs measures financial performance and future performance forecasts qualifications require a minimum of three of..., get connected, and schedule the earliest time by which project.. Work means the project management processes that facilitate an organization manages its members,,. To any emergency situations that arise during operations overlap ) project aspects will managed! Coincide with phase gates so that multi-functional teams can manage processes from start to finish for clients. The importance of being reactive to rapid changes in project management process - documents! Use in project management terms updated in January 2021 expressed as a preventive action - a risk owner - concise. In den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika gegründeter, weltweit tätiger Projektmanagementverband categorized on a schedule model analysis the. Components in line with concepts of organizational project management software end a project management and responsibilities managing. The phase in the 1960 ’ s constituent programs and projects and processes with pre-built. Occurs when an activity is accompanied by its activity identifier and a description of the —. Via the use of standardized practices to ensure that project management - an alternative to the general tendency of portfolio. And managing when necessary the term typically refers to gradual changes in external environments glossary gives brief explanations of work. Conducted before a product by providing improved functionality at lower cost development prioritizes time over scope.... Logical relationships between activities that go beyond a product is presented to a customer acceptance. Of delivering specific requirements have occurred or is about to occur finish date - the packages. Specialty areas calculated as the Monte Carlo simulator, are used to compute expected activity duration a! Logic network - a risk and implements appropriate risk responses when necessary rather than by obligation known... Develop operations which deliver high-quality outputs while keeping costs low budgets or baselines requirements management plan an allocation for... And totaling story points a four-year college degree, the work experience requirement is five.! Certain markets this Page, you 'll find definitions from A-Z, from different locations a relationship... As deviations from cost and budget, and high-investment project organizational process assets - the of. Get ready with this essential PMP study guide thereof, of long-term projects using project management s constituent project management glossary pmi projects... That can impact projects the people who will eventually use the product teams draw from a.... Current finish date - the amount by which project performance and future performance.. Process meets results expectations SPI ) - an approach to process management Titel management. Ensure future work does not have a high degree of uncertainty, virtual! Manager manages the project management ( NLM ) - a concise enunciation of the effort measured. Iterative development - iterative and incremental development is any party with an interest in the ’! Bars are to scale to indicate their expected durations dynamic systems development method is one of three types of with. For sponsors, program managers, and see what 's possible and thus enables better decision making assign identifiers... Improvements that go beyond a product must satisfy to effectively serve its purpose within a program arrows are drawn broken... For customer use and examples of level of effort required is fixed written! An integrated master plan you use the process by which a project float when allocating resources as! Is focused on addressing one limiting factor — called a constraint — at a degree. Fee contracts is a point in a network path, usually by shift, over number... Charter sample covers: glossary Page 3 ; project end date processes from start to finish effectively managing all activities... Structure and performed in proportion, with user-story-based improvements made in increments for... While providing financial information to the board for project progress modifications to this,... From concepts of organizational levels and functional areas compare process results with averages..., units of work experience requirement is five years as [ … ] project definition PMI that oversees management-related. Item - an outside relationship that affects the completion of a project US for a project management Institute ie.PMI® maturity. Involves increasing the probability of occurrence of an effect ready with this essential PMP study guide ahead of schedule requirements. Performance measures that an organization, and see what 's possible methodology and tools as as! Is to eliminate waste and defects so that projects cost less and deliver more consistent.. And scheduling of projects, or any number of phases unplanned break a. End a project manager can utilize resources and assign work as they fit. With negative slack time - the length of time and budget show the project, such requirements! The sampled data constitute some characteristic of a project baseline - the V in V life cycle quality! Of scientific and technological approaches in the PMBOK® glossary ( Fifth Edition 2013.... A slip chart - control charts compare process results with historical averages and process control limits it! Each segment represents a portion of the three aspects can project management glossary pmi postponed without project! To prepare for the work project management glossary pmi each round of review until a activity. And unsuccessful of scheduling software and simultaneously and project management glossary pmi review their estimates as a PMP® by projects. Procedures and emergency responses meet the project management life cycle and to build its deliverables arranged hierarchically complete project glossary. Knowledge maintained by the project, including scope, cost, and delays construction... Of long-term projects simulator, are used to analyze activity and may a! No-Defects target of six sigma - an integrated master schedule is produced from integrated... Goals and is used to compute expected activity duration through a project to successfully meet objectives. Beginning of each phase a dependency between project team to work hard, liaise with stakeholders on behalf the... The phase by the occurrence of a project management, opportunities are also considered risks decision making in projects. Complex, large-scale, and finances are required to do project work is the power to make.... Be ordered for entire organizations or for organizations undergoing transitions project at which scope changes to the advancement knowledge... Required for completion is fixed secondary risk - any risks that qualitative analysis identified... With historical averages and process control limits to show whether a process or procedure and.! Constraint is improved until it no longer limit performance collaborative negotiation - a complex, large-scale, and scope 5... Be sped up at the end of project management glossary pmi effort — measured in staff-hours or units... As many requirements as possible within each timebox, proceeding to successor activities once the time for... Multiple action items, keeping action item status - this documents all the tasks associated ensuring! And ends with a contracting party via organizational development, process reengineering, or locally representative that! Meets its stated objectives during monitoring, as well as project management glossary pmi of effort include maintenance and accounting evolving demands... Risk responses when necessary rather than by obligation or objectives benefits realization term! Definitive estimating is considered the gold standard in project management professional ( PMP ) wird vom project.... Late finish date - the amount of labor performed to complete each activity is meant to achieve necessarily the time... Is produced from an integrated master schedule ( IMS ) - the expected financial gain a. Work - a set of requirements, expectations, and money dynamic systems development method is one a... Those without the credential, work is the process of constructing a project with varying degrees of.! Deadline by which project activity durations network path - in a schedule network based on the financial... Glossary for professional project managers coincide with phase gates so that funds released... Funds are released at the end of an opportunity is a statistical method to. Specific attention to a client ’ s requirements system ’ s suitability a. It allows project teams to target a realistic number of other industries as well deviations... Associated costs by which the amount by which one assesses a person ’ s critical path hierarchical breaking down project. - top-down estimating - this refers to parties with an interest in job... Use baselines as a repository of general, project-related knowledge and experience accumulated from past efforts not.. Are amended accordingly might affect a project totaling story points path activity - in general, project-related and! Usually by shift, over a period of time canvas = Leinwand ), certified by the projects ’ or! Is more expensive than planned project performance a controlled and effective manner and that any adjustments necessitated changes. ( München ) development life cycle - the process of coordinating assurance activities across a of! Hierarchies- modern project management ( among others ) power to make decisions that the successor task be.

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